Rules and Regulations

  • Timber Town Fitness has the right to make any changes or adjustments to these and all rules, regulations, and restrictions in the use of our gym.
  • There is no smoking or chewing tobacco allowed in the gym at any time. No illegal substances or alcohol will be brought on gym property at any time. Any person or persons acting as if they are under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance will be asked to leave the premise (gym and property) immediately and subject to their membership being terminated.
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind to be brought on gym property (except for official police business).
  • No food or beverages allowed (with the exception of water bottles) in the gym.
  • No foul, demeaning, or slanderous language allowed toward members or gym staff.
  • A member who is harassing, threatening, and verbally abusive or creates a disruptive atmosphere in or outside the gym property will be asked to leave immediately and will have their membership terminated.
  • No abuse of gym property including theft, vandalism and throwing/tossing weights.
  • Members will be assigned a key card for the gym. One member per card. Any member abusing this (bringing in others without gym consent) will be charged for the personal use of the gym.
  • Youth ages 15 through 17 are allowed on memberships but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is on the same membership at all times while on the gym property. Youth younger than 15 are not allowed on equipment or as members on accounts.
  • Hours of staffed operation are subject to change at the sole discretion of Timber Town Fitness.
  • The gym reserves the right to close for short periods of time for maintenance, holidays, and special occasions.
  • There is no reduction in gym fees.
  • In the event a member violates or refuses to comply with any of the Rules and Regulations, Timber Town Fitness reserves the right to terminate the membership immediately without notice.
  • Charges and fees for services are subject to change as deemed necessary for the gym.
  • Clothing that is designed for exercising should be worn. Exercising clothing will cover the chest and abdomen area and the bottom area is to be completely covered. No ripped or torn shirts.
  • Any clothing that is considered inappropriate by the management or staff will not be allowed.
  • Members with a strong body odor will be asked to correct the situation before continuing to exercise.
  • Soft sole shoes are to be worn on the exercise floor. No hiking or work boots, sandals, or open toed shoes allowed. Non-marking shoes must be worn in the group exercise room.
  • All equipment must be cleaned after use.
  • Free weights and other gym items must be returned to their rack/storage area.
  • Television volume must be kept at zero or muted. Personal music must be listened to through headphones.
  • Personal music may not be played through speakers.
  • All signs posted in and around the gym will be considered part of the Rules and Regulations.

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