• Smith Machine

    Smith Machine

    7-degree bar angle follows the natural free weight path of movement for pressing or squating Fully enclosed linear bearings with…

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  • Integrity Series Summit Trainer

    Integrity Series Summit Trainer

    Extreme Cardio Workout The natural motion of climbing – one of the most demanding activities in the world – is…

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  • Dual Adjustable Pulley

    Dual Adjustable Pulley

    1:4 resistance level on weight stack provides lower starting resistance ideal for less experienced users. Also allows for higher speed…

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  • Hammer Strength Seated Leg Press

    Hammer Strength Seated Leg Press

    Maintenance-free, stainless-steel rails offer an exceptionally smooth motion User positioning and pressing angles are bio-mechanically optimized

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  • Hammer Strength Assist Dip Chin

    Hammer Strength Assist Dip Chin

    Knee pads fold down and away from user for unassisted training Multi-position handles allow for variation in exercise and provide…

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  • Hammer Strength Abdominal Crunch

    Hammer Strength Abdominal Crunch

    Patented AbCam System designed with dual pivot motion replicates natural abdominal crunch movement Counter-balanced work arm provides low start resistance…

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  • Hammer Strength Elite Multi Rack

    Hammer Strength Elite Multi Rack

    Rugged versatility. An HD Elite™ Rack is a fixture for any gym or athletic facility that puts a premium on…

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  • Integrity Series Upright Lifecycle® Exercise Bike

    Integrity Series Upright Lifecycle® Exer

    Designed with the advanced engineering and durable components that exemplify our legacy of fitness expertise. Built for easy use, riders…

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