Refit – Mondays/Wednesday – 5-6pm

Fitness for all sizes, shapes and ages. Body rockin workouts, cardio, toning, flexibility. Fitness with a purpose, fitness can change lives inspire people to live with a greater impact



Mat Works – Tuesdays/Thursdays – 8:30-9:15am

Instructor Melissa Dudleston- A 45 minute class that fuses barre, Pilates, and yoga together. Bring your own mat and be prepared to strengthen your muscles in addition to focusing on your core and flexibility.


Restorative Yoga – Tuesdays/Thursdays – 5-5:30pm

Instructor Cassandra Portelli- A half hour restorative flow to help restore alignment to your body, help alleviate arthritis symptoms, and assist in injury recovery and prevention.


HILT – Monday – 6:15PM

Instructor Melissa Dudleston – A 30-minute high intensity interval training session that incorporates light weights with body weight and cardio exercises. This class helps you increase stamina, build muscle, and burn fat. Be ready to sweat!


BOOTCAMP – Saturday – 9AM

Instructor Melissa Dudleston – A 55-minute circuit style full body workout that incorporates strength, plyometrics and core work. This class helps you increase endurance, build lean muscle, and burn fat!